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Cheri D., United States, lost 76 lbs

My life went through so many changes in the past 4 years, the ending of a marriage, falling in love again and the beginning of a new, wonderful life with my soul mate! Also, around this time, the company I worked for, for 21+ years, closed down. For the first time in 30 years, I didn’t have a job! I consoled myself with baking, cooking and EATING! I’ve always had a weight problem, but now it had become serious! I was on the internet one night and came across someone’s blog that had been on the Dukan Diet and had lost here excess weight. I went to the Dukan Diet website, read up on it and decided it was time to try. I started the diet on August 1, 2012 and on June 2, 2013, I reached my True Weight!! There were times that I stagnated and became frustrated, but I kept to the plan and I was able to push through these plateaus and be successful! I’m now on the Consolidation phase(380 days!) but I KNOW I will do it! Thanks, thanks, thanks Dr. Dukan!! Also, the support from the other Dukanista’s has been priceless!!

My favorite support Dukan food: I’ve become pretty much hooked on the Shiritaki noodles!! I love that I can « doctor » them up with seasonings and sauces and they are so filling!
My Dukan treat: The Chocolate Oat Bran muffins.
My favorite form of exercise: Walking…I use my walking time every morning to do all my heavy duty thinking!
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: Friends and family calling me « skinny ». NOT a word I associate with myself at all! I’m not SKINNY, nor will I ever be, but compared to where I was…I’m pretty close!
What keeps me going: What keeps me going is the way I feel…I’m happier with myself, I know I’m healthier (cholesterol is perfect now…so is my blood pressure!) I’ve always had a lot of energy, but now, I’m not near death at the end of the day!!
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: Keep to the plan and when there are plateaus, or stagnations, JUST KEEP ON! I’ve experienced it so many times during these past months, our bodies are crazy at times, they try and mess with us! Just keep on working the plan and you will be able to plow through. Use the website and the other social media networks (Dukan Facebook page has been a lifesaver to me!) and rely on their support and advice.

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