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Josh K., United States, lost 110 lbs

7 months and 23 days ago I first started the Dukan Diet. The attack phase kept me motivated as I could see immediate results. From there the structure and easy to follow eating plan made it that much easier! I was 150kgs and have now reached my goal weight weighing in just under 100kgs. I am extremely happy with the work and have to give a huge thanks to Mr. Dukan for this amazing, life changing, diet. Thank you!

My favorite support Dukan food : Chicken
My Dukan treat : Dukan cheese cake
My favorite form of exercise : Cardio, running or spinning
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid : The general « you look so handsome »
What keeps me going : Knowing that with hard work it can be done and that being overweight was not healthy.
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians » : Stick it the diet, it works! Try not to get wrapped up in what other people are eating or how good other food looks. Focus on the good results and that will motivate you through! Exercise is essential!

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