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Robin, United States, lost 38 lbs

I have been a good weight most of my life without effort. I am 5’2″ and my normal weight was about 120. I never needed to exercise to look fit. At about 45 I started to gain weight. I tried cutting back on food but that didn’t seem to help. I made attempts here and there but the gain increased to the point that at 48 I was 151 pounds. I just couldn’t take the round face and jiggling all the time.

I joined a gym and worked out 1x day, 5 days a week. No weight loss and no inches lost. After 2 months I started to work out 5-6 days a week, 2x per day! After another 2 months of cutting back food intake AND diet…only a little weight loss of about 3 pounds and no inches. I was discouraged to say the least.

My mom is thin and she likes the Atkins so I decided to try that. I could lose about 8 lbs. pretty easy, but then my body would shut down and I couldn’t get much lower. In fact, even at 20 (or less) carbs a day I would yoyo and gain and lose…but never past 8 lbs. Resigned to the fact that I may gain enough weight to be square I became very scared and depressed. Then menopause started and all things seemed hopeless.

I saw Dr. Dukan on Dr. Oz. I thought « another diet…right. It will never work…they never do for me ». Then I saw a website dietfitness.com and they had an article on the Dukan Diet…another sign. Finally I saw an article in Woman’s World magazine. I thought that since it is an inexpensive magazine that I would buy it and try it. I do not think that it is as easy as the people on Dr. Oz said nor do I think that I am never hungry.

What I do think is that the results are amazing!

I think it was all the fat on the Atkins that kept the weight on me. I have NEVER felt so in control of my weight. Now I am 113 pounds. I have a ton of energy and go for bike rides with my son. I love life again and am not lugging the extra 38 pounds around with me. The information in The Dukan Diet book is great as it gives insight as to how his diet works, recipes, list of acceptable foods etc. I am now a believer that the Dukan Diet works for those that are weight loss resistant. Thank you Dr. Dukan for giving me back my life and control over how much I weigh. I now weigh what I did in high school and feel 20 years younger! The Dukan Diet really works! I put this diet to the test as I was opposed to exercise due to the experience with the gym and no weight loss. So, I have lost a total of 38 pounds with no exercise!

I love Dr. Dukan for helping me to know that I do not have to be overweight.

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