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Sami Kdra, -22kg

I’d like to share my story with you for motivation, I’d like to thanks Lamice for all the information in her page(دوكان دايت بالعربي أحلى مع لميس) from recipes and all.
I started this year my journey with Dukan diet, my weight was 108 KGs and my goal was to get to 65 KGs as set for my height and my body built by the Dukan body calculator.
It was a hard start but every time I felt hungry or pain from workouts, I motivate my self by knowing that I was on the right way to fitness.
Now my weight is 86 KGs, that means am halfway to my weight goal, I found out that the biggest cheerleader for a person is himself.
But about the diet, it helped me a lot by offering a lot of categories that allowed me to create my own recipes in a million way, that helped me to never get bored and I started to love cooking my food everyday in a new way and new ingredients and the best of all it’s a healthy food that helped me get to my fit weight.

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