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Smaro Tsatsarounou, Grèce, -67kg

Dr Dukan saved my life. I started Dukan – 1 the 5th of May 2018 and i have lost 67 kilos. My height is 1.60 cm and the Dukan test showed that the correct weight for me is 71 kilos. Now , since June (3 months) i am stuck at 79 kilos. I continue to follow the diet but it seems like my body doesnt want to loose any more weight. The truth is that i am very satisfied with my current weight but my dream is to loose 10 kilos more. The 1st of October 2019 i will start phase 3 for almost two years and after that i will start all over again for those 10 kilos. Do you have something to suggest? Is my decision correct?
I started the diet following the advice of my obstetrician.
My advice for those with weight problems is START TOMORROW. DUKAN DIET IS EASY, HEALTHY AND EFFECTIVE.

P,S. In the 1st photo my weight was 135 kilos, I dont have photos of my 146 kilos!
In the 2nd photo i weigh 79 kilos

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