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Adelmo G., United States, lost 45 lbs

My name is Adelmo Guidarelli and I am a professional opera singer and I lost 45lbs between June 20th and September 12th, 2012 for a production of Sweeney Todd with the St. Petersburg Opera company in Florida on The Dukan Diet. I was cast as Judge Turpin and I was told by the director that a scene that I was going to be in required me to be shirtless. I have always been a bari-chunk ( a term in the industry used to describe fat singers who are baritones) and I set out to lose as much weight as possible for this scene/production. I was turned onto your diet by director Dean Anthony who also had great success with it. When I arrived for the first rehearsal on September 12th, 2012 I was 45lbs lighter and feeling like a bari-hunk!! ( term used in the industry for skinny hot singers who are baritones). I had done Figaro in The Marriage of Figaro with St. Pete Opera in June of this year at the heavier weight and when Maestro Sforzini saw my weight loss for this production he was amazed at my transformation. I was able to be shirtless onstage for the Judge Turpin scene (first time ever shirtless onstage in my career) and concentrate on my acting and singing and not worry about how fat I looked to everyone in the theater. Losing this much weight has not changed my voice in anyway and the added stamina that I have achieved thru my cardio training has been amazing!! I attached 2 photos for you to see. One of Figaro in June of this year and one from opening night of Sweeney this past Friday. I sincerely thank Dr. Dukan for this, the only lifestyle change diet that has truly worked for me. I will continue to use this lifestyle of eating for the rest of my life!!
My favorite support Dukan food: Chili Con Carne
My Dukan treat: Fiadone
My favorite form of exercise: Cardio
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: Wow, you are now a Baritone-Hottie!
What keeps me going: My desire to be able to have my shirt off and not be ashamed
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: It works!!

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