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Brittainy, United States, has lost 63 lbs

It all started after I graduated college and out of nowhere I was offered a theatre job at a high school. I ran their Performing Arts Center and directed all of the students shows. I loved that part…but..then the stress started.

Along with that came the stress eating. I hated my job. College life was over. And I couldn’t stand it. Yet, I had to stay at the job for a year and there was no getting out of it. A year of bad eating habits, of crying in my office with my assistant as we talked about how much we didn’t like our job. A year of BLAH!

A whole year went by with me trying to lose the weight and it wasn’t until this May 2011 that I heard of Dukan. And it changed my life! I still have a ways to go, but, 28lbs in 6 weeks is nothing to argue with!

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