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Carol K, United States, lost 13 lbs

I heard about this diet from my lovely niece. I have always been a diet queen and tried all sorts of diets but of course with major rebounds. By December 2011, I was not happy with my weight. I was getting breathless while claiming short fleets of stairs and yes I needed a new wardrobe as my clothes were tight. On January 1st 2012, I calculated my true weight online and got my graph and that was my motivating factor. I signed up for the online coaching and got started. I loved the progress and just as stated, by march I had reached my true weight. My best support group was the dukan diet us page and a coach called Tiffany who always responded to most of my questions in my email in my slimming apartment. In kenya, where I live the diet hadn’t gained popularity yet and with this support I was able to enjoy doing the diet. I loved the online coaching for accountability and the Facebook page and so evenings were moments I looked forward to, to engage with fellow dukanistas.

I am now in the stabilization phase and have managed to keep the weight off. I have told anyone interested about the diet here in Kenya, and the diet has gained popularity now, hence we intend to plan a dukan meet up in December. I loooooove the dukan lifestyle and the way it simply makes you feel great and energetic. I am officially sold and a dukanistas for life. I am currently awaiting the cook book which I recently ordered because my children tend to find dukan meals quite exciting. Thank you Dr. Dukan for an exciting plan and make plans to come and meet other dukanistas in Kenya.

My favorite support Dukan food: The oat bran pancake and meatloaf
My Dukan treat: Dukan oatbran muffins with. Goji berries
My favorite form of exercise: Salsa dancing
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: You look really hot! Whatever you are doing keep at it!
What keeps me going: The fact that I am able to wear anything I feel like and how amazing I look! The dukan diet U.S Page
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: This to me is the best lifestyle I have been on.

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