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Heather, United States, lost 30 lbs

For 10 years now I have struggled with Hypothyroidism. I exercised all the time, tried to eat healthy food and I could still never lose any weight. That was before the Dukan Diet. On June 1st I got The Dukan Diet book and started my journey to not only weight loss, but lots of energy! It was wonderful. Energy and never feeling hungry, I LOVE THIS DIET!!! By mid Aug, I had reached my true weight and have now maintained that weight for almost 2 months!!

I have never been happier or felt healthier!! Along the way I have tweaked the diet to fit my needs and even had a few no-nos while on vacation, but my metabolism has seemed to be jump started!! One thing this diet has really opened my eyes to is how much sugar is in foods that you don’t even realize. It’s no wonder I couldn’t lose weight.


My favorite support Dukan food: eggs
My Dukan treat: Oat Bran Galette
My favorite form of exercise: Yoga
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: You look like you did when I met you 20 years ago
What keeps me going: How wonderful I feel in size 6 jeans!!!!
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: Don’t give up, if you have an off weekend or week, get back to it.

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