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JB, United States, lost 102 lbs

I have been very over weight for most of my adult life and have never really been motivated enough to do anything about it. After doing the therapy to get over the reasons I turned to food in the first place I still spent about 1.5 yrs continuing to eat the same way, more out of routine than anything else. I knew I was ready to drop the weight but just didn’t do anything about it. That is until one of my friends told me that she was starting the Dukan Diet**. At first I was really not sure but this is because I didn’t yet read the book. After she was on it for about 2 weeks I finally read the book and it made perfect sense.

I started the DD on Sept. 11, 2011 at 300.5 lbs and after going onto the website was happy to know that what my idea of an end weight goal and my TW goal were very close. Like everyone the first 3 days of Attack were not the easiest but I was really ready to drop the weight. My dieting history was not that major, I tried Weight Watchers with my Mom about 10 years ago and before that I tried those diet pills (dropped the weight but put more on very soon after).

I knew this was my time because I did the work in therapy for my brain and this was my next step to taking back my life. I am now in week 14 and down 44lbs and 60.75″ and going strong***. I have not cheated nor have I wanted to cheat. Proof of this was the Holiday Party I just went to and enjoyed the DD friendly foods and could look at but not want the desserts, wine, or cocktails.

I can honestly say that the Dukan** Lifestyle has been amazing and has re-taught me how to eat « Real » foods again and realize how amazing those foods really taste****. I have 62lbs more to go but since I started in a size 22/24 and am officially out of the « Plus Size » store/departments and wearing a size 16 or XL. I can’t even imagine where I will end up at my TW goal of 194lbs. Thank you Dr. Dukan 🙂

My favorite support Dukan food****: Baked Chicken (any style)
My Dukan treat: Chocolate oat bran muffins
My favorite form of exercise: Walking my dog
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: That I always look so HAPPY
What keeps me going: That I have to pinch myself every time I put my jeans on because I can’t remember the last time I was this size.
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: Know that you deserve this and that you can do anything you put your mind to. That this lifestyle will truely change your life forever!

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