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Lori V., United States, lost 90 lbs

My story started on August 21, 2011…my boss who I am fortunate to also call friend at work read about the Dukan Diet in a Womens’ World Magazine,..and knowing how many diets I had tried..encouraged me to try just one more..the Dukan Diet…I promised to give it two weeks ….and ten months later…I am still a faithful follower and believer in this lifestyle….Not quite at my True Weight*…I have 7 more pounds to go…and having missed my target date of May 21, 2012….I continue on knowing that this diet has been life changing for me….I no longer take any medication…for ten years I was taking blood pressure pills….water pills…suffered from sciatic nerve pain and problems…and then my blood sugar soared to a staggering 12.9.

After only 6 months on the Dukan plan** I was taken off my blood pressure and cholesterol medication…and now the only thing I take is a multi-vitamin everyday…just like Dr. Dukan** suggested!!…my blood sugar reading is now an amazing 4.5…normal range!!…my journey continues as I fight to get to my goal of 97 pounds gone**…but with the support of my family…my co-workers and the wonderful dukanistas on facebook…I know that I have got this for life!!…I also went from a Canadian size 28 pants to a 14 today…I have this great picture of me with a pair of my old work pants….I am literally half the size of those pants!!

My favorite support Dukan food****: My lifesaver is Oat Bran…I don’t ever miss a day
My Dukan treat: Greek Yogurt and sugar free jello of any kind!
My favorite form of exercise: Walking my dog…and my dance dvds!
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: You look like a beaming bride!!..You have never looked so young or so healthy!
What keeps me going: How good I actually feel …inside….and how my lifestyle change is making changes in those around me!
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: Stick to the plan…it works…there will be bumps along the way…but the end results are life altering

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