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Rosa, United States, lost 10 lbs

I’m 46 year old Mom of one son and had never done any Diet before because people always tell me that I’m petite. The last 5 years living in North America with my own business, I saw changes in the mirror that I became « bigger » & chubbier. No wonder since I’m always busy with meetings from breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee meetings in between with all delish! I gained 10 lbs. within 5 years.

One day I saw Dr. Oz’s show on TV talking about the Dukan Diet – that sounded interesting to me! Then I surfed the internet and found Dukan sites UK, France, Netherlands, Spain & US. I registered in three of them just to know about my « True Weight » and all of them gave me the same result. I said to myself this Diet was easy and seemed fun to me. Even though I don’t like & eat meat anymore, I could still eat many things that I like especially TOFU. Indeed it’s easy & FUN and most of all I learned a lot!! I lost all 10 lbs. and I can eat anything I want without the worry of gaining weight.. Thank you Dr. D, I will spread the word to the World.. Love you!

My favorite support Dukan food: Oat Bran Porridge & Tofu
My Dukan treat: Plain FF Yogurt with Stevia or Splenda
My favorite form of exercise: Walking & biking with my hubby and Step Class
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: « You never look older » 😀
What keeps me going: The RESULT i.e. fast & noticeable, I lost 7 lbs within 3 days!
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: Just do it, don’t be so stressed out, focus on the food that you CAN eat, not the other way around.. If you fall off the wagon, chin-up as DD is very forgiving 🙂 Just go back more firmly and the pay-off is there « You can eat whatever you like without worry »!!

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