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Stephanie S., United States, lost 125 lbs

When school resumed last year August 2011, I was greeted by 2 colleagues that had great success over the summer with the Dukan Diet. They encouraged me to read the Dukan book. My standard answer was “I am not ready”. I was thinking, how could I read a book, follow a diet and be successful. I had spent so much money in the past on diet doctors and programs where accountability was high and I had failed anyway. I decided to invest in the book and give it a read. Each chapter seemed very easy to me and I love protein. The one thing that this program had that I never followed on my other past diets was exercise. I started to think… if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. I knew that if I was going to do this I would need to add exercise as instructed by Dr. Dukan.

On September 12, 2011, at 43 years old and 339 pounds , I embarked on my Dukan journey. The weight began to fall off. I was at the gym everyday doing cardio for 30-40 minutes and I was noticing such changes in my body. As of today September 2012, 1 year later, I am down 125 pounds and still going strong in the cruise phase. I am 30 pounds away from my True weight. The support that I get from my friends and colleagues is incredible. They are my cheerleaders and my fans. I feel like I got my life back and the future looks healthy and bright.

My favorite support Dukan food: galette
My Dukan treat: egg white meringues
My favorite form of exercise: Eliptical
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: You look like a different person
What keeps me going: exercising keeps me motivated
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: Keep going, it works!!

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