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Alicia, United States, lost 20 lbs

45 almost 46 years old… Full time job, mother of 10 year old twin girls………..never been technically overweight but found myself gaining and losing and regaining same 10-15 lbs. Big time caretaker……Wonderful husband of almost 4 years diagnosed with Stage 4 (like you’re gonna die) cancer almost 3 years ago. Devoted myself to years of getting by and focusing on taking care of him, among other responsibilities. Also has heart condition, so suffice it to say, I have been a caregiver and have not taken care of myself for past 3-4 years. Went on hormones earlier this year b/c of hot flashes and other lovely perimenopausal symptoms and gained 15 lbs. in one month.Decided to take charge of ME and my health in April of this year when a friend of mine (who is over a year into Dukan and lost 40 lbs. and has kept it off) introduced me to this wonderful lifestyle.

Never been on a « diet » in my whole life and have always been very physically active. Became obsessed with the book and makes very good sense to me – started end of April . Only had 18 lbs. to lose but ended up losing 20. Found strength emotionally, physically that I can only attribute to this lifestyle. The support I received on FB really carried me through a lot of personal setbacks. I am an almost 46 year old woman and I look and feel better than I have since I was in my 20s and a marathon runner! Thank you God, Dr. D (a close second!) and Purre Barre. My skin is glowing, I don’t have as many perimenopausal symptoms anymore (and no longer on hormones!). A life changing event. Took me a month longer to reach my TW (again, due to a lot of personal issues regarding my husband’s health), but I have never been so committed or focused on ME!!!

Feels good and I am a TRUE success story. Can never thank you, Dr. Dukan and all the friends I have made on the FB site for supporting me, encouraging me. The first thing in a long time I have done FOR MYSELF and it feels good. Life changing………is all I can say! And I am recruiting new Dukaners every day – a living walking testimony!

My favorite support Dukan food: galettes and all the meat – carnivore!!!!
My Dukan treat: anything – never felt deprived
My favorite form of exercise: Purre Barre and walking
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: OMG – what are you doing???
What keeps me going: God, and my commitment to this lifestyle
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: Don’t give up – every day is a new day. This works

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