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Sina, United States, Lost 30 lbs

Hello Everyone! I’m Sina. I’m from Turkey. Now I’m gonna tell you my story. Well, I used to eat too much food.Specially junk food. I used to drink beer and cola almost 3 times in a day. I used to smoke, but now I don’t do those things. And its not really hard to give up the foods which we do love. When I was started the Dukan Diet, I was 116 kg, you know its too much for teenagers. And I won’t hesitate to tell you that I couldn’t look the mirrors because whenever I was looking at the mirrors, I was feeling extremely upset. Believe me even even I was hesitating to walk around in the school and eating or drinking something. Because everyone was looking at me whenever I was doing so. They was seem as if they see a monster in front of them.

It was 24 of January that I started to this diet.I was 116 kilos(256.5 lbs) and you know, here in turkey meals are really delicious. But I didn’t eat.I had to be patient. And the day after I took my prize.

I’ve lost 3 kilos(6.6 lbs). You know its too mu ch for one day. I was totally shocked. And I wooowwwed my parents. And I thought that thanks god I didn’t eat the meal which my mom cooked yesterday. And from 24 of January until now I’ve lost almost 30 kilos(66 lbs).And now I’m looking better.

I can walk around easier than before. Nobody’s looking at me. That’s a very good thing. And once I’ve came across to an old friend and she told me that I look so good. She’s shocked. Thanks to Dukan Diet. It helped me so much.

My favorite support Dukan food: Oat bran
My Dukan treat: walking
My favorite form of exercise: walking
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: My mother
What keeps me going: I was just like a monster.When I looked to miror, I’ve decided to lose some weight. And It worked.
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: Dear Friends,believe me its not hard on the contrary its very easy.Just do what the diet says and walk around regularly about 30 minutes.That’s all.Believe me its gonna work.

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