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Artemis Kouroupáki Pothouláki, Grèce

i thought that it it will be interesting for you (as a doctor) to know about my lab tests before and during dukan diet.
My blood sugar levels before diet was 110 – 120 mg/dL and during diet was 75mg/dL
my total cholesterol from 210 was 170 during diet.

and the more important for me..
I have hashimoto’s from the age of 18..(i am 43 now)
it was very difficult for me to adjust the levothyroxine dose.
I change the dose every 2 months.. ones i need a pill 175mcg and others I need 200mcg and after two months the opposite 175mcg again…

Just Before dukan diet I was taking a pill with 200mcg of levothyroxine and after a while with dukan diet I was needing 125 mcg (that was the lowest dose I have ever took)
and the good was that my thyroid hormones were stabilised for more than 5 months…

So I believe that this diet helps people with autoimmune diseases!!

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