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Catherine Lejava, Géorgie, -37kg

Welcome. I’m Ekaterine Lezhava from Georgia.I’m forty years old. I want to tell you about my history. 8 months ago my weight was 113.700 kilos. and I had healthy problems. I decided that I couldn’ t continue so and I will need a diet,which willn’ t be create me problems. I had learned from my friend about Dukan’ s diet. I found the information about you and had studied perfectly.I realized that it was a diet which will be absolutely useful for me.
You know Georgians are gourmets. We have traditional food,which can be prepare with daitary products. In 7 months I was less 37 kilos. I didn’ t have any health problems. On the contrary my problems disappeared. I had not done blood analysis. I feel very good.I have excessive 7 kilos which I necessary defeat. I’m happy because I could it successfully.
Thank you Mr.Pierre in the name of me and many other people.you had returned us faith and beauty.
I’m proud and I love you.

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