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Courtney K., United States, lost 85 lbs

In September of 2011 I was at my top weight of 230 lbs. I no longer fit my size 22 pants. I was tired all of the time and depressed with my weight. I am a mother of four wonderful children, but was to tired to do anything with them after work. Instead of buying new pants, I bought Dr. Dukan’s book which a friend of mine had read and was seeing great success from working his program. I figured I had nothing to lose! I had tried nearly a dozen other diets with not even one pound lost! I started my diet on 9/18/2011 and was instantly amazed by the results that I saw**.

In a very short time my clothes didn’t fit me, but for the right reasons! I was finally losing weight, this was amazing to me. It was then that I realized that I could do this, even if it was hard, I could lose weight and regain control over my life. It has now been nearly 9 months, I’m down 85 pounds**. I still have 15 pounds to go, but I know it’s possible! I also know that I will be able to maintain this weight. My energy level is incredible! My mood is great! I have a new lease of life! Thank you Dr. Dukan! You have changed my life!!

My favorite support Dukan food***: galette
My Dukan treat: chocolate muffins
My favorite form of exercise: walking
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: Courtney, I didn’t know that was you! Had you not spoken I would have never recoginized you!
What keeps me going: Knowing that I can lose weight and feel great!
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: Just tell yourself when you are craving something, that you can have it later. The diet is not forever! There is always a later point that you can satisfy your cravings.

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