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Duggan B., United States, lost 95 lbs

I was one of these guys that really had no care about what i was putting in my mouth. I was young and stupid and between that and a social life with a tad too much partying, I ate and drank in excessive amounts. 5-8 beers with fried pub foods or a quick grab at a local fast food joint was a normal day for me after work and on the weekends. It came to a point where i was getting constantly sick in the mornings and at night from the prior night out and on top of that I let myself get to 325 pounds! I knew there was something I finally had to do about it but I wasn’t sure what… After battling my weight with various diets including a portion controlling/calorie counting diet, I Started the Dukan Diet with hesitance and apprehension.

I decided to give Dukan a go in February 2012 and stuck to it since and within the first week immediately saw weight loss which was great motivation to keep going. Since then i’ve managed to keep to the Dukan with a few of my own adjustments but have successfully lost 95 pounds! I’m still going but I am definitely happy with my results so far and more so happy of not the diet but the LIFE STYLE CHANGE! Because The Dukan was more of a re-education than a diet to me, and it worked to help change my thinking on what a balance of foods and nutritions the body needs to sustain and perform better. Thank you for guidance because I sure needed it and hope this helps those careless, cynical guys like I was that it can and DOES work!

My favorite support Dukan food: Shrimp Sauteed in Herbs
My Dukan treat: Light Cheesecake
My favorite form of exercise: Hiking
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: « Dude, You look like you lost 100 pounds! »
What keeps me going: the feeling that i have control on my own health and diet
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: don’t sell the diet short, stick to it and you’ll get amazing results!

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