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Ilene D., United States, lost 105 lbs

Being overweight has been my lifelong struggle. I have been overweight since childhood due to poor eating habits and bad genetics. When I was turning 50 this year, I had realized that my health needed to be my priority.

My blood pressure was elevated and my eating habits and my weight were out of control. A friend told me about the Dukan Diet, and it has changed my life forever**.

• My favorite support Dukan food***: dukan muffins
• My Dukan treat: dukan muffins are my staple
• My favorite form of exercise: aerobic exercise
• The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: people actually don’t recognize me….they also say that I look so much younger
• What keeps me going: reactions from people that have not seen me…
• The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: stay with it….keep it clean and simple!!!!!

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