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Jessica W., United States, lost 30 lbs

Dear Dr. Dukan, I am doing great! I lost the weight** I was told I would, if I followed the plan, and I have been able to keep it off for over 1 year! Thanks to your coaching*, I look and feel great. I have started doing more exercises with mountain biking in addition to walking every day. Since I started on April 29,2011, I have gone from my size 8’s being too tight- to comfortably fitting into a size 2! Seven other people in my life have joined this lifestyle. I have been encouraging them and those that have stuck with it, have lost pounds also! Thanks again for your diet, it has saved me from obesity!

• My favorite support Dukan food****: oat bran waffle with nutella and a hard boiled egg.
• My Dukan treat: frozen yogurt
• My favorite form of exercise: Walking my dogs and Moutain Biking
• The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: You should be the « face » for Dukan Diet.
• What keeps me going: My husband and my dogs
• The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: Don’t stop walking and Keep Protien Thursday!

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