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Melis T, United States, lost 65 lbs

I told my story in 5 articles in my blog. https://oncekadinsonraanne.blogspot.com/p/dukan-yazlarm.html Yet they are all in Turkish. I’ve lost 20 kg in 4 months and during summer I sort went crazy, but gained only 3 kg and lost it again. Since the end of August I’ve started again and now the total weight I have lost is 29,5 kg (65 lbs) I even have 93 people who are motivated by my achievement and losing weight now.

My favorite support Dukan food: Oat bran cakes
My Dukan treat: Dukanella (fake Nutella)
My favorite form of exercise: Pilates
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: You look younger (like mother-daughter in the pic)
What keeps me going: Feeling more feminine and setting an example for hundreds of people.
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: Believe in yourself. Eat whenever you want and how much you want to eat

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