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Sylvia, United States, lost 24 lbs

I first heard about the Dukan Diet by a friend of mine in Spain, she was raving about it. I didn’t think that she really needed to lose much weight. But a year later when I saw her I was absolutely amazed. She looked fantastic and looked 10 years younger. She raved about all the foods she could eat and still lose weight. So I thought I’ll have some of that. I’ve always eaten healthy, or so I thought, plenty of salads and vegetables…not much carbs and red meat. I’ve never been one for eating fries, greasy, fast foods, sugary foods and stopped eating bread several years ago, but I was gaining weight, little by little, it was creeping on, so I put it down to my age… 50+.

I bought the book and my husband and I began the diet. The book is a must! It makes you understand what your body needs and how the whole weight loss process works. It warns you about the plateaus you may reach but more importantly it tells you how to get through them. We began by removing all the ‘bad’ foods from our fridge and pantry and made sure that we had plenty of the ‘Allowed’ foods. We only needed to lose 17-20 lbs each.

Our true weight program charts helped us a lot and gave us hope as we started our attack phase and both hit our targets. My husband doesn’t like the word diet. To him that’s always meant, starving oneself or eating tasteless foods, but he has amazed me by really enjoying being on this ‘diet’. We are never hungry and we are proud to continue hitting our target weight loss.

We have told everybody about the diet, how it is, so easy to do, and the weight just keeps dropping off. We have always been reasonably active by walking and playing golf, but we make sure that we do our 2-3 mile walk every day, drink plenty of water and take our daily oat bran.

Before going on the Dukan Diet I always shyed away from the bathroom scales, but now I love them. Seeing those pounds disappear is the most satisfying feeling. Some of my friends thought that I lost too much weight too quickly and when I started getting rid of my clothes which were hanging off of me, (I’ve gone down from sizes 10/12 to 4/6) they said that I should keep them in case I put the weight back on. I told them no, I’m never going to be that weight again, and so far I’m finding it easy to keep off.

I have also found that our eating habits have changed and we have become more aware of what is in the foods we buy when we shop, even my husband will check the Fat, Fiber and Sugar contents of foods before he puts them into our shopping cart. It’s changed our way of eating for the rest of our lives, thank you so much Dr. Dukan.

My favorite support Dukan food: Savoury Oak Bran Galette
My Dukan treat: Diet Coke
My favorite form of exercise: walking/jogging
The nicest compliment I’ve been paid: My own sister didn’t recognize me
What keeps me going: The Scales, seeing those pounds disappear
The advice I’d give to other « Dukanians »: Go for it, it really is a wonderful, easy, enjoyable diet. You won’t regret starting it.

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