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Tutorial for the Dukan Premium application (EN)

My friends, my patients, my readers,

More than one in two people are overweight or obese and, among the obese, 80% are diabetic.

This epidemic of overweight was born with the food industry and continues to grow because this powerful industry works with the geniuses of communication and influence to suggest that losing weight is neither possible nor desirable.

However, my experience acquired for 50 years in this field makes me angry because



By combining the best weapons as in all wars:

  1. A diet that does not get the wrong target: the enemy is fast carbohydrates with a high glycemic index.
  2. An extremely effective diet that brings immediate and powerful results
  3. A highly structured framework with phases, rails, a roadmap that leaves no room for doubt and error

This help, I built it in the form of a coaching carried by an application that takes you in hand from the first day until the moment you feel autonomous and master of your weight.

I am writing to you because the astonished feedback we have from people who use it pushes me to make you adopt it.

For 50 years, I have seen how those who succeed live better and how those who do not suffer and see their outlook for life darken.

This coaching starts with good news, it will only cost you 5 euros per month for the two or three months necessary to reach your True Weight and it will only be 3 euros per month as long as you need me. The service and its payment is not automatically renewable, you must request it.

This coaching is not a kind of diary with a curve where you display your weight and your basic data such as your drinking level or the count of your steps.

It is a service that knows you because you have informed it and whose each instruction is adapted, not only to your profile, but to your journey every day.

In addition, it is a service with a human face. You have a question, a concern, need information, you have a coach who knows my methods as well as me and who will be at your side in the hours following your request.

And if your question is more medical or if you feel flowing and need a motivational shoot, you will be immediately directed to me and you will have my advice and assistance live and up to the telephone contact if necessary.

Many know that my methods are carried by books and wonder if Dukan Premium coaching can replace the book.

The answer is yes.

To achieve the foundation of this coaching, I wrote 12,000 pages to frame any user, whatever his equation and history, his age, his sex, his real need to lose weight and the risks of his overweight on his health.

In addition, coaching incorporates all updates. This is the case of the TOLERES which are experienced by all users as the shock absorber of benevolence and indulgence of the method; so many updates that a book can only make every 3 or 4 years.

In addition, I built this coaching with the obsession of not seeing you REFATTEN, which is the flaw of any diet.

To cope, I have three assets:

  1. Maintain contact as long as necessary so that the user learns to adapt to the long term and acquires the protective automatisms that make him autonomous.
  2. Use my 3 Fight Foods, the 3 foods I consider the most protective in the world. The recipes that accompany it are meant to charm you until you love and adopt them.

From that moment on, the game is WON.

  1. The graduated response, a tactic that responds to each level of weight regain with an adapted response that takes you back to the previous level.

Finally, good weight loss coaching has an imperative need for recipes that bring pleasure and diversity to everyday life.

We offer a lot of them. There are universals and those adapted to each culture of the world.

I do not have the space to present you the 14 innovations of this coaching that you will not find anywhere else: the calculation of its True Weight, the evolving figure of the body changing shape over the weeks, the SOS button, the emotional compass, the control of the lapses, the weekly joker and especially the obtaining of stabilization by the association of the graduated response, The ten pillars of happiness and the pounding of bad habits.

I hope to find you soon and help you lose weight by curing you of overweight.

Doctor Pierre Dukan

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